Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 christmas

christmas is one of the great times i enjoy with my friends and loved ones. every christmas i had so far, had its own _romance_ , memory .. and a meaning.. .. christmas is a time we forgive one another .. just rest ourselves with joy and happiness with our loved ones , leaving the loads we carry for a while.. this is the second christmas that i'm missing home and my friends in Sri Lanka.

i miss all my friends and loved ones very badly.. i enjoy every christmas with them and i can always recall all the memorable moments i had there .. those moments will always remain the same within me ... in the years to come... as some of the greatest times i've had in my life.. specially the 2006 christmas.. which was awesome! christmas is a time we live with our parents, relations and friends with warmth, joy and happiness in our hearts ..

on every christmas, the soccer team folks get together on 22nd on every december to setup the christmas tree with other decorations, just in front of our place in Sri Lanka.. though this task can be done in a day .. we make it bit complex purposely, enabling us to have a time together with all my friends. as a result of that, this gets completed on 24th eve.. after attending to the christmas service .. we visit all the other christian churches in chilaw .. all of us as a group.. wishing the pastors ++

i don't have to mention specifically that beer, wine and vodka play a major role between 24th to 27th of every december ... however, this christmas i decided to stay in brisbane instead of celebrating it in SL.. this was done mainly to avoid the rush at airports during the festive season. though i made up my mind not to visit Sri Lanka for christmas, now i realise that i've been missing it very badly .. the time we used to have there ..

i worked from home during the morning session and then went to office on 24th as usual ... stayed bit longer till nigel comes in for a beer .. went to my favourite belgian cafe .. after having a couple of beer .. i came home.. but felt that i was missing the great christmas we use to have in Sri Lanka .. anyway .. there's always a tomorrow ..

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