Sunday, March 22, 2009

sabayon.. .. anotherone bites the dust

after failing the installer with a bug in gnome, i started installing 64 bit sabayon. sabayon = gentoo ++. the installation off the dvd was a painful one. on my lenovo t61, both gfx/text base installations got failed _successfully_ :(

the alternative was to start the system using sabayon and then to continue with the installation. booting the live dvd and continuing the installation was a pita. since i haven't left with much choices .. i had to follow the later..

after going thru the painful slow installation .. it appeared be working fine besides couple of broken applicaions .. i updated the portage and the system went thru an automated update .. to my surprise .. when the system got rebooted .. the Xserver starts keep on crashing.. and a couple of gdm error messages .. well.. the OS is just a bus to do my day to day work .. i shouldn't be shitting and bitching much about it ..

no other choice . falling back to fedora ..

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