Friday, October 22, 2010

Death magnetic - Brisbane

When one of my friends mentioned Metallica is going to play in Brisbane. I wasn't quite interested in it at all. Their last couple of albums let down us big time. Trivium took over the place I've had for Metallica for years.

However, the years of fucking awesome metal provided by Metallica can't be easily forgotten. I made up my mind to attend the concert at the very last moment, around 1530hrs. It turned out to be a good decision. This was the second time I was attending a musical concert during this month of Rocktober.

lamb of god in action
Got into the train from Central station. But I wasn't quite sure whether I was on the correct train or not. When I heard shit loads of "fucks", I figured out indeed I'm in for a super cluster fuck. ;-)

I couldn't organise this with my friends since this was a last minute call. Tori of course out of the city for a few more weeks.

lamb of god
Metallica enters the stage

Nevertheless, I met a bunch of guys who accompanied me until the show was started. Three bands played with Metallica. Since I was busy outside drinking beer with these guys, we missed out the first band but got in time when "lamb of god" started to heat things up. Lamb of god did really well. It was absolutely brilliant.

Quite surprisingly I didn't see many goths whom I generally see at most of the metal concerts. It was a very good crowd. I know most people have their own criticism on heavy metal and its fans. Even so, they have to come and witness how wrong and stupid they are to come to such idiotic conclusions.

I was so lucky enough to grab a seat just a couple of meters away from the stage. I was at the lower ring facing the main stage, right in front.

The crowd erupted at around 2100hrs as Hetfield led Metallica jumped on to the stage. Lazer beams dazzled across the stage drawing a series of waves and waterfalls.

The sound engineers were fully responsible for the general fuckup they've had with the first song. It was horribly awful. Things were pretty much settled during the 3rd song.

This was one of THE best metal shows I've ever watched. They played some of my favorites, including 'One', 'Master of puppets', 'Unforgiven' and not to mention, 'Nothing else matters'.

It was just a couple of weeks since I have been to a concert of Simply Red. Besides their brilliant music, the interaction with audience, presence and presentation was so ironic. I've heard many people murmuring how rude Mick Hucknell was. They were disappointed over Mick's attitude. I'm pretty sure they didn't expect that from him.

General public however expect the opposite. The metal bands to be weird, arrogant and antisocial while soft musicians to be more kind and generous. But in reality it's a different story.

How these two metal bands responded to their audience and how they have shown their respect was quite significant. They always made us feel that we're a part of this big heavy metal family and admired our contribution to the music/metal industry as audience.

To my surprise, Metallica played good fucking 2.5 hours at its best. You can't expect any better. That was the finale of their three day venture in Brisbane. I want to thank all those guys and girls who accompanied me, shared the fun, beer and laughter also Metallica, Lamb of god for their music, it was a blast!!

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