Friday, July 19, 2013

A few words on Klipsch F30 speakers

I thought of adding a pair of speakers to the existing home theatre system,  just for music. The existing speaker configuration isn't music friendly. Although many use home theatre systems to listen to music, I never liked the sounds they produce at the absence of good mids. Picking a pair of speakers is a personal preference and you have pick what you want to hear most. The amount of details, clarity and distortion at higher sound settings are the key elements, when selecting a speaker system.

The crossover frequency, impedance, sound pressure level (SPL) and supported wattage are just a few things to be noted of. The
crossover frequency indicates the frequency at which it splits the frequency from bass to mid-range or to the tweeter.

I actually had a lengthy list of speaker options to select the best, which would suite my listening pleasure. The Aussie made Krix, Jamo, PSB, B&W were some of the speakers on that list. But I decided to purchase Klipsch for they produced the sounds I love. The built quality was great and solid. But the speaker legs are annoying and fragile.

These bass-reflex speakers provide fair mids and highs through

the solid tweeter. They do deliver good bass thanks to the dual 8” woofers. However, they aren't great for Justin Beiber/Kylies music but for real music and for real music lovers. I would recommend Bose or Sony to listen to Beiber ;-)

Before I wrote this review I played a great amount of music, the ones don't have the loudness madness. These speakers deliver good sounds and perfect for metal and hard rock but Jazz, Country, Pop and Alternative. Since I don't consider Rap, Hiphop and techno as music I didn't bother to test them on these. I must admit these speakers are bright and some might find them bleeding bridge depending on the amplifier characteristics.

These speakers were retailed at HN for $1400. This would obviously be a very good purchase, if you want to hear metal and rock music as they deliver crisp clear detailed sounds. They would surely blow you away with live like music and won't regret having these twin towers. This does not mean these aren't great for a home theatre but I wouldn't buy these high end ones for just video, simply not worth throwing $$$$ to watch movies. But of course you can use them. As of now, after hours and hours long music, these speakers have produced great sounds without missing a beat. I love these speakers, you won't get bored or tired.

Score :
Design            6/10
Build quality     5/10
Mids              6/10
Highs             9/10
Bass              7/10
Overall score   6.6/10

Specs can be found at :

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