Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Keith Green

In this day, we have stormed with faith albums all around, but sadly I question the purpose they serve. There's a huge vacuum for worship music, so the musicians and record companies exploited this by increasing the production of faith albums. Just like a toy factory produces toys to cater the consumer demand. What these so-called musicians have failed to realise is faith music is not just another genre but the music for the King of the Kings, to the most Highest. Worship music indeed has a purpose of serving. Hence, I thought of writing about a musician who served that purpose with the right spirit and attitude.

The worship music is not only meant to glorify His name, but it should bring the audience to His presence. I have listened to a number of modern faith albums, but I didn't truly connect; they fail far behind. Needless to discuss some of these artists. Their Christianity last just on stage, while they perform and it's all gone in their real life, the moment they step off that big flashy stage they perform.

However, there were a few musicians who thought about worship music a bit differently to that. They took it quite seriously and did their best to generate what faith music was supposed to do. The late Keith Green was one such musician. It was more than a decade when I first heard Keith Green on an audio tape that contained nearly two dozen songs from various artists. I remembered his rendition of Amazing Grace although the rest was soon forgotten. [That was a time I didn't know much about faith and I was in the process of learning the depths and widths of Christ's love.]

Keith not only played Christian music and brought many to His presence, but he's someone who lived a life on what he preached and sang. He didn't stop there; he dedicated his life to serving the Highest. He used his music as a way to preach the gospel and reach the _dead_. Let alone Christianity, none could deny Keith as one of the best pianists of our time. Had he chosen to be a commercial artist, he would have gone past many commercially successful artists in the industry. Keith signed a record contract at the age of 11 with Decca records

However, Green decided to instrument his music, life and family to bring the lost to His wings after learning a few lessons from the Messiah. He was blessed to have the influence of Leonard Ravenhill and Randy Stonehill during his journey in Christ.

His first album, "For Him Who Has Ears to Hear" was one of the best if not the best Christian album of our time. It was God inspired, which Stonehill revealed after many years. He released 5 great albums carrying the Word in them. These albums can be purchased as a compilation from the Lastdays Ministries in 4 CDs. Keith completed what he was told to do and went on to be with Jesus at the age of 28 leaving his legacy behind on 28th July 1982.

“If somebody writes a great poem, people don't run around applauding the pencil, saying 'Oh, what a great pencil'...I'm a pencil in God's hands.”
― Keith Green

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