Friday, March 6, 2015

Album Review : I love you honeybear - Father John Misty

I purchased my fourth Subpop record making my records tally closer to one hundred. A record that carries an interesting title “I love you honeybear” by Father John Misty (Joshua Tillman). This is undoubtedly one of the best albums I purchased since December 2014.

This is a funny, melodic, cold yet harmonic album with cruel lyrics showcasing what Misty had become since Fleet Fox. A touch of 70s, 80s a bit of synths are all in there with realistic yet harsh lyrics. It is indeed a great record and I love each of Misty's artistic work. This is a concept album, about a person named Joshua Tillman (FJM) ;-) .

I bought the 2LP standard vinyl set, not the deluxe edition. The deluxe edition consists two picture discs with one or more booklets inside than the standard release, which complimented to warp the picture discs unfortunately. The amount of wear tear is slightly higher on picture discs so does the high fidelity quality deterioration. I'm not a huge fan of picture disks due these valid reasons.

I must give credit to Subpop records for compiling this album into two 12” 45rpm disks. It's an audiophile grade pressing although the disks aren’t anywhere near 180g. Subpop records are known for their quality pressings and signing good artists to their label. If you’re a vinyl lover, this is a must have in your collection, one such album that sounds warm and nice on the deck, in vinyl.

The 2LP vinyl standard edition carries a nice album artwork with a tiny booklet to play around. The vinyl edition carries a digital download code for the tone-deaf losers. Subpop has quite correctly watermarked the words ‘LOSER’ on the download coupon.

The eleven tracks run for a fraction over 46 minutes, a great compilation. The producers at Subpop have done a great effort arranging the tracks in a nice rhythmic flow. The first few songs are catchy enough to make anyone fall in love with the album. That said I wouldn’t comment on individual tracks as music is perceptual.

I love the overall work. The pink colored graphical illustrations on the cover stands out on the shelve, making it quite easy to pick next time you run to the record store. The album has entered the charts promising a huge commercial success.

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