Friday, January 8, 2016

The Tallest Man on Earth

Our ears are fed with tons and tons of mediocre music by radio stations. I have been distant from radio stations for ages; back most radio stations are next to nothing. I can't recall the last time I bothered to tune in. Sadly though the amount of garbage albums is on the rise to cater to equally dumb listeners. A good album has become a rarity.

There are two types of musicians we come across, artists and singers. We have tons and tons of singers; singers are the ones who often sing what someone else has written. This does not mean every singer-songwriter is brilliant; there are heaps of mediocre singer-songwriters around us, such as the overhyped Adele, Taylor Shit, and Lady Gaga. I truly can't stand their music without throwing myself a couple times. 

I believe music becomes more relevant, connecting and heartfelt when the artists are sincere and honest with their material instead of targeting a particular audience. Although that's too much to ask in times like these, The Tallest Man on Earth (Kristian Matsson) is one hell of a musician of such calibre. The lyrics, music and vocals are simply a treat. Breathtaking!!!  His first three albums showcased minimalistic instruments, yet the fourth consists of a few instruments, a complete band on most tracks.

I have played his second and third albums, "The wild hunt" and "There's no leaving now" to death, but I keep playing them at least once a day. I can't recall the number of times I have played these albums. The fourth album, Dark Bird is Home is a concept album and the most sincere work by Kristian to date. The Dark Bird is Home depicts his relationship with Amanda Bergman (Idiot Wind), leading to the divorce. There was also a song about a departed loved one.

All that being said, none of his albums offer crisp clear high fidelity sounds; instead, they offer weather-worn warm sounds. That blends really really well with his music style and vocals. That had been done deliberately by the TMOE. The 'Dark bird is home' has been recorded in different countries, locations, barns, and sheds and carries worn-out sounds with a bit of dirt and grit as TMOE's record label Dead ocean records detail this album in the official website. I'm not going to compare him to any of the other artists; what I like about TMOE is his sincerity towards what he delivers. All four albums are unique and progressed in every aspect; lyrically as well as musically.

There are a handful number of albums we've got during the last couple of decades which can be played from A-Z without pressing the skip button on the remote. The 'Dark Bird is Home' is definitely one of them, a timeless masterpiece by Kristian. If I list my top 10 best albums at one point down the line, I'll bet two or more of Kristian's albums would be there for certain. He is one of the VERY BEST artists I have seen during the last 20 years!!!!!

TMOE albums have been the best albums I have purchased in years since Explosions in the Sky's The Earth is not a cold dead place. This is a must-have album for every folk music lover; you would play his albums to death yet, you may not get over them for years and years to come. A great timeless album. Looking forward to seeing Kristian pretty soon. ;-)

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