Monday, June 29, 2009

Goodbye Michael!

i've heard the death of michael jackson. minutes after he was confirmed dead, via a friend of mine on 26th morning ~ 0700 hrs AEST. i don't think i could call myself as a michael jackson fan or i liked his music, *lately*. i'm more a heavy metal fan, liking Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Hammer Fall etc etc. so then, why the heck am i writing this ?

well, even though i switched to rock/metals at around grade 7-8. the sounds of jackson 5 and michael's were the background music during most memorable times in my school days... also many other artists like barry manilow, paul mccartney, duran duran, david bowie, led zeppelin, jimmy hendrix, pink floyd blah blah blah

it always makes me cry, bringing back the memories of my glorious schooldays .. whenever i listen to "got to be there" by jackson 5.. i love it!! michael performs it with his killer vocals.. amazing! also "i'll be there", "someone in the dark", "may be tomorrow", "one day in your life", "off the wall" .. i simply love them. jackson 5 music resembles most memorable moments in my school days .. the memories won't live without them..

life is all about memories .. the memories that we love to cherish all the time.. my memories are filled with these music .. i can't imagine a life or living a life without music.. for music is linked with each and every memorable incident.. and seasons of my life.. whether they were good or bad.. it was just the music which drove me through.. helped me to sail.. when emotions were the main substance to address.. and i love every bit of them .. for music was there..

i'm not talking about the commercially successful michael jackson, with "thriller" and "bad" albums. where he had a marketing success ahead of the substance. instead, i love the michael jackson off jacksone 5. pre "thriller" era. given this context, it's so sad to bear the death of micahel .. i'm worried over the death of jackson 5 lead vocalist .. not the michael who got into child abuse and all sorts of mess in his life, caused by billions of money, wealth and lust.

i'm worried about the amazing vocalist .. who sang side by side with jermaine .. it's a great loss.. no doubt about that.. that's the man we're missing.. that's the man we love.. it's time to say goodbye michael.. thanks for the memories .. and for your music .. rest in peace mj

i should also be thankful to my friends and thier elderly relatives who gave most of these "records" and "tapes" when we were schooling. not even my parents were married by the time these tracks were released/played. but thanks to the "oldies" and "gold music" mania we had during our school days, we were so lucky enough to get hold of these tracks :-)

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  1. awwwww... seems like you have a heart this time. kidding! =D i know your always have a good heart... =)