Saturday, September 5, 2009

Can Argentina Do The Magic Tonight ?

Then and now.. bit of history
When everything was well set for Argentina , the "luck" had something else to say during their bitter 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The penalty shootout favoured the hosts, leaving Argentinians packing.

Since then and now, things have changed. .. young blood has pumped into the team. The class of Messi, fireworks from Tevez and Sergio have given a new hope for the Argentinians. There IS no argument over Messi being the best player in the world right now.

The magician's class act out performed Chritiano (Ga*) Ronaldo as well as Wayne Roony, during the Champions League finals representing Barça. Meanwhile Maradona took over as the Argentinian coach, when they slumped to a 1-0 defeat against Chile during the worldcup qualifying games.

More recent history...
Maradona started off as the coach for Argentina with couple of *soft* wins. Which led him/everyone to open big mouths before the mission is accomplished. Then the reality struck on them bit hard. Argentina faced a couple of major setbacks, which includes a 6-1 defeat against Bolivia. Again followed by a 2-0 defeat against Ecuador.

Do we have to bring back Riquelme ?
Apparently the lights of Messi, Tevez and Sergio couldn't restore their pride. Something is wrong! Everyone turned their eyes on the underrated Riquelme (Juan Román Riquelme), calling him back on. Can their woes come to an end by bringing Riquelme in ? I believe it's NOT.

Argentina lost their way looking down at the 4th slot in their group, for their bad play. They were not organised on the field. They lost those games, for it's not that the Argentinians are bad. But they failed to ignite their act together. They're still one of the best teams in the tournament. They are a great team. They are the best. But, they have to be bit more organised that what we've seen off them so far. Specially the midfield. They have to lift the game, specially in the midfield, if they have any hopes of making it to South Africa in 2010.

Importantly, they have to play as a team. I'm not saying Riquelme isn't needed. He's a great player, I respect him a lot. But bringing him on won't do any better unless they lift their game a bit with having the right kind of spirit, motivation and performance.

Argentina vs Brazil
Let's hope that the Argentinians could shut their mouths for a while and play genuine soccer, until the mission is accomplished. I'm writing this damn piece of blog for them, for I love to Argentina holding the trophy next year. Because, I'm a huge Argentinian fan.... Let's hope that they could get back to their best form to beat Brazil.

Today, it's a must win situation for them, to have any hope in the competition. Let's hope things could go in favor of them. Not the luck, but let's hope Argentinians going to play up to their full potential. :-)

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