Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of the road for Argentina ?

End of the road for Argentina ?

After all the barking from big mouths with pet talks. Argentina, is now well set and left with ample amount of time to work on 2014 world cup, at this stage. Although there are two more games left to seal their fate, it seems all over for them.

It's so heart breaking to see how Argentina played against Paraguay. I had to check and recheck the schedule to make sure that I wasn't watching a club match. A club who'd getting ready for next Champions League Tournament.

It's not that Paraguay played well but the sloppy midfield, poor formation and lack of "team play" cost Argentinians, the end result. Argentina don't deserve to be in the finals, if they continue to play like this. Which is par below the average. What they could take positive off this game is, they have improved on their defenses.

dieGO maradona

There's no doubt about Maradona being a great player. Yes, I would rate him beyond Pele. Of course, he was voted ahead of Pele in 2001, when FIFA picked the player of the century.

But the question is, is he a good coach ? This is the fourth world cup qualifying defeat under Diego. There had bee a number of bad decisions by Diego in this short period:

The formation, of 3,3,4. You truly have to follow this formation , when your strikers aren't performing well. He has no reason to go on with aging Veron, Sergio and Messi. Veron shouldn't have played this game as a striker. True, there had been a drought of goals for Argentina, but the strikers aren't at fault.

There's just little what your strikers could do, when they don't get much assistance from the midfield. The pressure would have eased very easily off Messi, if there had been 2,4,4 formation.

By substituting Sergio with 36 year old Martín Palermo, Diego proved that he's bit more than an average idiot, given the grounds as a coach. Palermo hasn't played an international game for 10 bloody years. I wouldn't be surprised if he recalls Batistuta.

Needless to say how bad and stupid Diego as a coach. Just like he won the cup single handedly in 1986. He's responsible for the downfall of Argentina and for getting kicked off from FIFA 2010. I can't accept the reality that Argentina having such a soccer pedigree not playing for the next years world cup. It's not impossible yet, but can't afford to have any hopes for the way they play right now.

Final words

Like it says, when it rains, not _just_ 'rain' but it 'pours'. When Argentine's are going, they are 'in', they are in for the big moment. Let's hold our breath until my birthday, 14th Oct. Hoping that Argentines would bring me a memorable birthday gift on 14th morning, as they play their final match on the qualifying round.

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