Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sri lanka - elections on monthly basis

last time, when i was in sri lanka (sl), it was april 2009. sadly i couldn't have much fun, for there was a bloody election. and i came to know there had been elections for every 3-4 months. the provincial council elections.

instead of hosting them all at once, the government decided (due to some unknown X reason) to host them on quatarly basis.

however, don't these morons know how badly affect elections to our day to day lives ? how risky to stepout home during elections, when gangs shoot and bomb one another ? post election violance and all?

last time, i had 20 days to spend in sl, but sadly i couldn't enjoy most of it. since i didn't want to take any risks by goingout during the elections.

however, as i'm planning to visit the country for the next year, today i've heard that there will be couple of more elections lined up for 2010.

i don't mind having elections if the people in sl are slecting the right kinda people. but to select the kind of morons we have right now, do we really want to host elections and waste public funds ? scary! sri lankans been selecting clowns and idiots on round-robin fashion to rule the country.

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