Wednesday, December 23, 2009

new wireless router netgear dg834pn

I had to buy new wireless router , since the old one started rebooting each time it drops a connection. I bought Netgear DG834Gv5 for $190 with an additional two year warranty (max speed 54mbps).

Sadly I couldn't use it for more than a few days. It stopped working as well. When contacting Netgear support, they asked me to return it for a replacement.

Internet has become a very critical service to me, I need to be online and within reach always. I need to be online while my faulty router being replaced.

I picked Netgear DG834PN from umart for $89. Almost half the price of my second modem. As you could see on the website, it doesn't say this modem supports ADSL 2+. Not even the reseller, umart. When I called them up to verify ADSL 2+ support, they confirmed it's *not* supported. Hence, it's $89.

I didn't believe Netgear web or the reseller. This modem/router supports 108mbps with 10x range. Also this is quite a new model compared to the former. I rang Netgear pre-sales to get this clarified. They confirmed with a clarification code, which can be used as a reference in case if the information isn't accurate. I bought it for $89 from umart.

I set it up at home last night. Everything went well and of course it does support ADSL 2+. Since my wireless clients support draft N, I'm getting the best out of it. And it's for just $89!!

Moral of the story: don't believe what you see..the obvious.. have faith in what you believe as what's right ;-)

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