Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The essential Billy Joel

Last saturday I had to visit "vibrations", (a popular original cd/dvd/blueray store in Sri Lanka) to get couple of cds, some classics to listen during my stay in Sri Lanka. I bought three two cd sets, Byrds, Carpenters (to replace Nishad's cd) and Billy Joel's.

Billy Joel has been one of my favorite vocalists. A song writer, vocalist and an amazing pianist. The "Essential Billy Joel" album I bought contains 36 great tracks. You never want to touch the receiver or the player when these cds are on. Although I have listen to all of his hits, I got myself hooked like I have never heard him before.

True, this album doesn't contain some of his great performances. But it doesn't take the gloss away from this great two cds. An album is all about having its music connected to you. His music has been the background music for all the great days in my life. In general, I love music a lot as it's my secondary dietary intake.

However, the best album I've had of him was "The bridge". This dual disc album also contains a number of tracks from the said. The songs simply don't bring just the memories of all the good times but also what music is all about. There are couple of over heard songs included, but besides the fewer such vast majority of songs are off 80's. I love the music of 60's, 70's and 80's a lot than the crap.

'This is the time' is one of my favorites! I love this track a lot as much as I like 'A matter of trust', 'Piano man', 'She's always a woman' and all of them .. ;-) Yes, I love adult contemporary music a lot....


  1. Here's the live version : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8SsSlak5xE

    Sadly embedding has been disabled. :-/