Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to music with Sennheiser IE 6

Finally, I managed to buy a pair of Sennheiser IE 6 last week, during my visit to London. I have used many brands from JBL, Shure, Bose, Klipsch and to a few Sennheiser's. I have to admit that, this is one of the best piece of in ear headphones I have ever used up to date.

To give you some idea, these are the headphones I have used in the past :

Brand Model Score Price
Sony NC-22 1/10   USD 120
Bose Triport 3/10   USD   89
Klipsch Image S4 4/10   USD   85
Sennheiser CX 300 4/10   AUD   80
JBL 410 6/10   USD   79
Bose Quite Comfort 6/10   USD 285
Sennheiser CX 95 7/10   AUD 179
Sure E3C 7.5/10   USD 240
Sennheiser IE 6 10/10   AUD 339

I bought my IE 6 from HMV store at Piccadilly, London. I managed to burn them to the perfection while using them in flight at a high volume for over 20 hours. I had to fly ~22 hours from London Heathrow to Brisbane. To get the optimal performance (good thumping) you need to burn them for a period of time at high volume.

The IE 6 provides deep rich bass, detailed highs with vibrant mids. The sounds are crisp clear as one could ever imagined it to be. It would surely blow you away. I stopped using my iPod for a while, for its incapability to handle the "loudness war". But with these IE 6 headphones, I'm back on track listening to music like I did during my school days. ;-)

the IE6 comes with a half dozen of different ear plugs, so you could pick what's best for you. To suite your ear canals. The default ear plugs provide moderate bass with bit of highs. I went one size up to get my blend of music and it was awesome. I have never enjoyed music over 3-4 hours continually , using headphones.

But I truly can't take these headphones off my ears. The apple Australia site advertise them at A$ 339/= (LKR ~ 34,500/=) and indeed it's worth the money. You won't regret ... just be yourself.. just listen to your ears.. they would be pleased with these ;-)

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  1. I think I should clarify the low ratings given for bose QC.

    When using noise canceling headphones, the *main* point isn't just canceling noise. To address the former, I would use just dumb earplugs to cancel all noise.

    Ok, now we agree the purpose of using noise canceling headphones isn't just blocking the noise but to generate/listen good quality sound.

    But sadly that's what exactly these QC headphones and bose in general are missing. If you want just high bass with lack of clarity and detail, I would buy a pair of cheap chinese headphones from wallmart for $10.

    These headphones are good if your ears have lost sensitivity for detailed sounds, highs.. and mids... I would accept it as a valid reason.

    Last but not least, I'm not a huge fan of wearing a "helmet" to enjoy music. Meaning, I prefer in ear headphones.. IE are the highest in its grade.