Friday, July 30, 2010

Simply Red bids farewell as we're holding back the years

"No one has to tell me when to leave a party", was what Simon Cowell quoted when leaving American Idol. Perhaps it could be the same for Simply Red as they prepare to quit after 25 years long journey with music, another great English band.

We're going to witness to an end of one of the greatest soul, pop bands of our time and it's sad to say them go this way but perhaps it could be the most cleaver decision they've made considering their recent success as a band.

Mick Hucknell, the lead vocalist has decided to persuade a solo career when they disband later this year.

'Holding back the years' was their first memorable single I've heard. I could still remember how the day looked like when I first heard it. Music and life aren't two different things but one since it has become part of my life and in everything I do. Just like we feel the breeze, I feel the music in my day to day life and it has its own footprint in its own way.... in my past..

Irrespective of the situation I've been thru, music has always been there and so the music of Simply Red. Their 'a new flame' album was one of such albums which hooked up in some of my personal experiences. It was an album which connected to me in the right substances and essence.

In my personal opinion, that's their BEST album to date. I've been listening to this album for 15 years and still love it and the music sounds very much current and the lyrics.. Love lays its tune, You've got it and More are  some of my favorites.

With the release of 'stars' they started receiving much appreciation from general public, and recognition which was followed by commercial success. But started to drift away in terms of quality. No matter how far they've drifted away from what they were, their music always carried their magic touch.

For the last time in their long journey, Simply Red is playing for the very last time this year and this has been labeled as the 'Farewell Tour' and playing in Brisbane on 1st of October at the convention and exhibition center. I didn't hesitate to buy a premium ticket to witness another sad farewell of one of the greatest bands in our time. Mick and Simply Red, thank you for the music and its inspiration which at times helped us to loosen the loads we carry and cherish life..

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