Saturday, July 3, 2010

Uruguay down under ?

I've been watching/following Uruguay since their FIFA 2010 qualifying campaign. They don't have stars.... big names .. media isn't pushing them up the way they do on crappy Brazil team but they play as a single unit.

The team spirit is high, the motivation is just there as they inching towards the moment of glory. Two times worldcup champions, I'm really impressed how they've been playing so far. Even though the things look very much written for Uruguay, their ride towards worlcup quarter finals wasn't that easy.

I would like to recall their last qualifying game for the FIFA 2010, Uruguay vs Argentina at Motevideo. It was a tense game and Argentina was in a must win situation to book a slot for the FIFA 2010 in South Africa. I'm an Argentine fan, not because my 'ex' is an Argentine but I lover their soccer. ;-)

Argentina hadn't won a match against Uruguay in Motevideo for 36 years. But they did it in style, winning the match 0-1, thanks to Bolatti's classic goal; which was an outcome of a free kick at the 83rd minute.  Martin Caceres of Uruguay was sent out as a result of that foul.

Argentina won the match and qualified for the FIFA 2010. Overjoyed Maradona spoke to media, "this victory doesn't belong to one group, that's the local media. now come and suck my cock. we've done it, the media didn't speak any good of me or my team. they condemn us".

Now, Uruguay had to play two matches against Costa Rica to book a slot in FIFA 2010. They won the away match 0-1 and drew the home game 1-1 . So they made it :-). Thanks to Forlan (FWD), Suarez(FWD) and Perez (MID). Forlan, without him, they wouldn't have made it at all.

The Forlan factor
Apart from Messi, Forlan is the only other player I truly like to watch. He's indeed a class act, an ambassador for the game, who's playing for the team leaving his individual ambitions aside. He's a genuine gentleman for the game compared to the wild beasts of Brazil and Ghana teams. Forlan, a tennis player changed his direction towards soccer is undoubtedly a class act. Besides his classic playing, what truly impressed me was his attitudes.

Forlan is getting a good support from Suarez, the guy who got a red card on his debut game against Columbia and also from Perez. Ah Perez, the hard core dynamo.. who continued to play with a bleeding eyebrow when they played Mexico. After beating Ghana, now they have to play Holland. The absence of Suarez would surely have an impact on this game. I don't know how far they could go.... how much they could stress Forlan and Perez.

I can't comment on the upcoming game, Holland vs Uruguay. Holland is playing some good soccer. However, no matter what the outcome would be... Uruguay and their FIFA 2010 journey will be remembered in the years to come.. and Forlan... he'd remain not as a star, but a good player with great humanely qualities in all our hearts...

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  1. Comment on the last game, if I may, Uruguay did not win, Ghana lost! Do not lose any sleep over Oranjes game, I think you know what is coming.Unless of course Dutch do Ghanaian swing. Having said that, all the teams did very well and So did the Brazilian hype and Argentinian pretenders.
    Good write up!