Friday, December 25, 2009

The true meaning of Christmas

People celebrate Christmas on every 25th December. Christmas means the birthday of Jesus Christ, as people call it. But why do these people do shopping for Jesus' birthday ? If they to do, they should buy things for the person who celebrates his birthday, in this case Christ. Why would they buy things for themselves on Jesus' birthday ? what does this mean ?

Also, if you read the bible carefully, you would figure out Jesus' existence waayy back in time. Jesus was there at the beginning, before creation of the world. Then what's this birth of Jesus Christ ? what's Christmas ?

In brief, God is a tri-personal being of same substance and essence, consist of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. The sin of men created a great barrier between God and men. Therefore God sent his only son to this world, Jesus Christ to crucify for the sin of men, so that the men can communicate with God once their sins are forgiven through the crucifixion of Christ Jesus.

So when Jesus was born into this world to crucify for our sins, this arrival in human flesh of God referred as birth of Christ. Although the exact date and time period was not known, shopping malls (people) started celebrating this as Christmas on 25th of every December.

In this way, Christmas means the birth of Christ in this world; so why do these people buy themselves with gifts and fancy stuff for Christmas ? this of course something I failed to understand. If we're celebrating the birth of Christ, then we should offer our gifts to the Person Who celebrates His birthday, to Christ. The best we could offer him is to live the kind of life which is due from our side.

Buying cloths, doing shopping and exchanging gifts between people and families are the most idiotic celebration that I'm seeing. Yet, they miss the whole point of Jesus' birth in flesh... If someone wishes to celebrate Christmas (the birth of Christ) the best way he could celebrate is; by living the kind of life God expects us to live.... believing in Jesus as our personal savior.. having a personal relationship with God through Christ.. Then you could see the real Messiah in you.. else.. there's nothing but emptiness.. .. ..

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