Thursday, December 31, 2009

My (broken) Sennheiser CX 95

I've had used a number of headphones over the last few years. Shure E2C, Bose Triport, Sennheiser CX 300, JBL 501, Sony MDR 71, Sony NC 22 with loads of other brands and models. Only Shure E2C clicked for a while off the above list until I came across Sennheiser CX 95, which is pretty awesome for the price.
Photo : Sennheiser CX 95
I bought it ~18 months back from JB HiFi (Adelaide St Store) at Brisbane for $179/=. I didn't burn for more than 2 days to get the best out of it. Very detailed sounds with rich mids along with good thump. Which is the best headphones I've ever used so far, which could be rated ahead of Shure E2C, Shure 110 without a doubt.

I enjoyed every bit of it. It's really awesome! However, sadly in the morning, I broke it, as I sat on top of it :-/ I was deeply in love with the sounds they produced.. the music I love.. Although this damage doesn't have any impact on the sounds, it's very hard to use them with the broken toe, which holds the incoming wire into the headphone. I tried JB HiFi to find the same model and realised Sennheiser has discontinued this model and couldn't locate it on their latest catalog.

I checked with Amazon's Sennheiser store but with not much success. However, I was told CX 95 has been re-branded as CX 550 II. I'm not quite sure about this and can't gamble with it. I can't give up on my headphones for I'm so crazy about the amazing sounds it offers, so I managed fix the broken handle which fits at the bottom of barrel. I belive, I could use it for couple of more weeks until I'm fully convinced CX 95 == CX 550 II. If not, my other option would be Sennheiser IE 8, which is ~ $500... hmm .. music is so expensive .....


  1. Try the Ultimate Ears range as well. Heard they offer super sound definition but bass is supposed to be somewhat weak..

  2. @BlackHawk

    Thanks for this tip, they've got a very good range and I'm impressed. But the top range is hard to find in Brisbane/Au.

    Since my budget being ~$400 mark, I'm thinking of IE 7, which has some good reviews. :-)